April 14, 2022

What Is an Undersigned in Legal Terms

The undersigned asks Mr. Van Buren for permission to renew the assurances of his highest respect. Nevertheless, I, the undersigned, should have gone to Olaus yesterday instead of going fishing. If a card with the name of the undersigned is presented, you know it is the detective. In faith, the undersigned have signed this declaration and affixed their seals to it. We, the signatories, hoped that you would take serious and practical steps to keep your promises. The simple desire to earn a living has never been the main key that has guided the signer on his path so far. Petition to amend laws to grant fathers the right of access to their children. In witness whereof, the duly authorized signatories have signed this Convention. The signatories demand that child welfare agencies in Canada be reformed or abolished!. .